Ramananda Mayi

Founder of Blooming Lotus Yoga and Author of the “Essential Teachings of Yoga, Tantra & Vedanta” Trilogy


Ramananda Mayi is the founder of the award-winning Blooming Lotus Yoga retreat center in Ubud, Bali, and BLISS! – Bali’s yoga lifestyle magazine. He is the author of the acclaimed “Essential Teachings of Yoga, Tantra & Vedanta” trilogy, which include the books “Awakening the Bliss of Being,” “The Way of Oneness,” and “Becoming the Goddess.”

An inspirational speaker, visionary and influential leader in the field of personal development and body/mind/spirit integration, Ramananda is also the producer and voice of the “Drops of Nectar” podcast.

Ramananda’s teachings have transformed the lives of thousands of students who have found greater clarity, inner peace, and spiritual fulfillment through his profound, yet simple message that “happiness is everyone’s natural state”. Through intensive meditation retreats and yoga training courses he has helped students from around the world have the direct experience of this truth for over 20 years.

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Happiness is your natural state. There is nothing you need to achieve or to accomplish in order to find it. Simply rest as you are…here & now, and embrace the experience of being perfect just the way you are.


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